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Welcome to Jaybee Elite

Number 1 Acrobatics team in Havering and Essex

Jaybee elite is a select team of gymnasts who train together for 12 hours a week to reach the very highest level of gymnastics at Jaybee. Gymnasts are selected from the recreational sessions who show a very particular set of skills. Acrobatic gymnasts must show good flexibility, strength, determination and commitment. This squad currently hold many titles regionally, nationally and internationally.

Acro comps and displays


What They’re Saying

My daughter is 9 years old and is in the Acro Squad at Jaybee. She joined the club when she was just 3 years old, starting in the Preschool class!
For the last 6 years, the coaches have pushed her in an encouraging way, to not only perfect her gymnastics skills but also to believe in herself and to be the best that she can possibly be, but also to have fun and enjoy it.
There have been times where my daughter has been emotional but the coaches have taken a firm but fair approach with her and this is reflected in where she is today.
My daughter is in a squad with a lovely group of girls and boys. The children all genuinely want each other to do their best.
If you are looking for a gymnastics club for your child, I would definitely recommend Jaybee.

Hayley B

Mia (11) has been part of the Jaybee acro team for the last 3 years. The passion, experience and expertise of her coaches is second to none. She is always encouraged to strive to be the best she can be, and through this her confidence and self-esteem has soared. The exceptional team spirit at Jaybee is like no other, and this is due to the continuous positivity and nurturing from her dedicated coaches.


Jaybee are a wonderful club, in fact it’s more like a family, where children make lifetime friendships, learn how to take responsibility and build their confidence. The coaches are very dedicated and as well as teaching them to a very high standard they make sure they have lots of fun.


Amber has been with Jaybee for 3 years and is now part of their acro elite squad. Achieving gold, silver and bronze medals in her first competitions  were just the best moments.It is hard work  but aside  from the gymnastics training and competitions, she also gets to enjoy trips out, fun days and some random excellent events planned by the coaches. Finding Jaybee has been, for Amber like a new little family and great friends and for me as her mum, an amazing place for her to be with friends and feel safe, happy and respected


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