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6th July 2020 onwards

We were so excited to hear that the PM, decided that outdoor exercise was allowed under the next phase of re-opening the UK. Luckily at Jaybee we have access to a 1 acre garden so were able to bring back our Elite squad. As of the 6th July we have been able to arrange to start bringing back some of of recreational and floor and vault gymnast back! We are so excited! If you would like more information on this please email us.

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Millie (11) really enjoyed being back to gymnastics, thank you. She said it went too quickly !!


Athena (7) had been in her gym kit since 10:30 am she was that excited. When she came out she told me all about the backwards rolls she had learn, that she "hanitised" (hand sanitised) and said she was knackered (i have no idea where shes heard that saying before 😉) Shes really looking forward to next week already! Thanks Tayla


Ellie (12) enjoyed today so much!! So pleased to have you back 😊


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Outdoor Training

Socially distanced training in a private 1 acre garden! Here are some snaps of the fun skills we have been practicing!

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